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Winter Survival Kit For Your Car

By Count On Me 4 All

Car riding on snowy road, front viewThis morning it was 5 ° F outside with a wind-chill of -10 ° F.   When my teenager was about to leave for school, I made her take cold weather items with her to keep in the car, just in case the car broke down on the way to school. Out the door she went, dumping in the backseat of the car a snow shovel, blanket, boots, a pocketful of granola bars and a warm hat and mittens. I also made sure she had her cellphone with her, fully charged. We live in the country, and I take this painfully cold weather very seriously.

Ready Wisconsin, a website of the Wisconsin State Emergency Management Team, has a video on how to make a winter survival kit for your car.   Their website also includes a printable Winter Survival Kit Checklist. Winter in Wisconsin can be very unpredictable. Planning ahead and being prepared with a Winter Survival Kit for your automobile is a smart and practical way to keep you and your family safe.