Q & A

What is a personal concierge?

A personal concierge is someone who will help make your life easier. We all have an endless “to-do” list and with work, family and other commitments it can be impossible to get everything done. A personal concierge is your own personal assistant to help you get through that endless list of things to do.

Can anyone use a personal concierge?

Yes! Our services are for anyone who needs an occasional task done or needs to utilize our services on a regular basis. We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.

What happens if I have something that needs to be done but it is not on your list?

Simply ask, and we will see if it is something we can do for  you.

How does it all work?

First, contact us and let us know what kind of assistance you will need. We can meet for a free consultation to discuss the details and then come up with a plan. If you choose to proceed, we will set up a schedule with you.

I have several things that need to get done. Do I have to schedule and pay for them all separately?

No. We charge an hourly rate, not by the task. We can run to the grocery store or post office, and clean out your refrigerator, all in the same work period. These tasks do not have to be scheduled separately. In fact, “bundling” your requests will save you money.

What areas do you service?

We work within the areas of Dane and Rock Counties in south central Wisconsin.

Do you charge for travel?

We pay for the first 10 miles of your errands with addition miles charged at the IRS rate. However, if your errand or task takes place significantly outside of our service area, we will charge travel time at the hourly rate to and from the errand destination.

How do I pay?

If you pay a flat hourly rate, payment is due upon completion of services (same day). If you choose to purchase hours in advance, we track the time spent and send you an itemized pre-paid invoice for your records and deduct that from your deposit. A 2-hour minimum is required.

We accept cash, check or credit card

Is your company insured?

Count On Me 4 All is fully insured. All services are private and confidential.

Can we set up a weekly or monthly service schedule?

We would be happy to set up a weekly or monthly schedule that best suits your needs.

How far in advance do I need to book your services?

We prefer 48-hours notice for most services with exceptions made as scheduling permits.

How soon can I expect a call back or an email reply?

Voicemail and email messages are checked regularly throughout the day, and in most instances you’ll hear back from us the same day.

Who is a Personal Concierge right for?

Just about anybody!

  • Busy people who don’t have the time to complete the endless tasks on their “to-do” list.
  • Self-employed people and owners of small to medium-sized businesses who need to spend more time on their work to generate revenue.
  • Busy professionals who need to spend a lot of time away from home.
  • Mothers who need help from time to time.
  • Single parents who need a helping hand
  • Seniors/Retirees
  • New parents who are juggling the tasks of a new baby
  • People in the hospital or under medical care who need help until they recover
  • Single people who work a lot of overtime

Do you arrange daycare or personal health care?

No. Count On Me For All does not handle babysitting, child transportation, adult transportation, administer medications or any other kind of personal health care.

Will you check our home while we are on vacation or are out of town?

Yes, this is a service Count On Me 4 All provides.  We can check your home on a weekly basis or a bi-weekly basis, depending upon your needs.  We check the inside of your home and the outside of your home as well.

How do you charge?  Is it by the job or by the hour?

We charge by the hour.

If I have a parent or a relative who lives in south-central Wisconsin, yet I live out of state, can I purchase hours for them if they need some extra help?

Yes.  You can purchase a block of time for your parents or a relative and even give it as a gift certificate, if you would like.