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Organizing Your Garage

by Count On Me 4 All
Messy abandoned garage full of stuffCan’t fit something into your closet? Stick it out in the garage. Not enough room in the basement? Put it in the garage. No time to find a place to store it? Unload it into the garage.

Our garage can be the easiest place to dump things, yet it is also an area of our home most often seen by others. People can get their first impression of us by the state of our garage. Each time we open the garage door to drive in and out, or even when we leave it open for an extended period of time, people walking or driving by can judge us upon the state of our garage.

Cleaning and organizing our garage does not have to be expensive or impossible. Lilly of Listotic, wrote a blog 28 Brilliant Organization Garage Ideas. It is a filled with great tips that will inspire you to take on your own garage and complete a garage makeover!