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Organizing Your Garage

by Count On Me 4 All
Messy abandoned garage full of stuffCan’t fit something into your closet? Stick it out in the garage. Not enough room in the basement? Put it in the garage. No time to find a place to store it? Unload it into the garage.

Our garage can be the easiest place to dump things, yet it is also an area of our home most often seen by others. People can get their first impression of us by the state of our garage. Each time we open the garage door to drive in and out, or even when we leave it open for an extended period of time, people walking or driving by can judge us upon the state of our garage.

Cleaning and organizing our garage does not have to be expensive or impossible. Lilly of Listotic, wrote a blog 28 Brilliant Organization Garage Ideas. It is a filled with great tips that will inspire you to take on your own garage and complete a garage makeover!


Efficient and Effective Window Washing

by Count On Me 4 All

washing windows image
It was a long winter, and looking out the windows in the spring shows how dirty our windows have become. The ice and snow of winter and the winds of spring have left the windows spotted and grimy.

Early summer is the perfect time to clean windows. Getting this task completed before the mosquitoes and insects of summer arrive make opening the windows for cleaning a less hectic task.

Washing windows can be a tough job, yet it can be made easier if we follow the suggestions of professional window washers. They have ideas and tricks to make the task more efficient and effective. Joe D’Agnese from This Old House Magazine has written an article on how to wash windows easily and effectively. Continue reading

Cleaning Your Refrigerator – It is That Time Again!

by Count On Me 4 All

Refrigerator full of foodMy daughter announces that the mayonnaise she has pulled from the refrigerator shelf expired two months ago. When searching for mustard in the fridge, my husband finds three jars, two hidden in the back behind the container of soup that we were eating two weeks ago. My sister visits and I find myself avoiding having her look in the refrigerator, for I know what shape it is in. All three of these events lead me to the conclusion that it is time to clean the refrigerator.

Cleaning out the refrigerator is one of those projects that we tend to put off for a later date. Why? It takes a lot of time. It takes counter space to place the containers as we wash out the shelves. It also takes persistence to keep it clean, once the job is done. Continue reading

Cleaning Your House More Efficiently

by Count On Me 4 All

Composition of cleaning products with a bucket isolated on whiteMost people would rather be doing something other than cleaning their house.  Setting up a cleaning schedule and sticking to it, spreads the cleaning out over time, yet creates an efficient cleaning plan.
Kristi Corrigan has written a helpful blog post describing how to set up a schedule for you and your family so that you can get the cleaning done quickly yet thoroughly! Continue reading

Clean Out Your Closets For the New Year

By Count on Me 4 All

clothes in closetWith the New Year just around the corner, many of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions for 2015.  Clearing out the clutter in our lives is many times at the top of our list of resolutions.  Below is a great article from Good Housekeeping by Lauren Piro, to help in this process. Continue reading