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Shopping Smart For the Holidays

By Count On Me 4 All

 I have friends who are great planners and they continuously think ahead and pick up gifts for the holidays during the course of the entire year. Each year I promise myself that I will shop like they do, or get started early on my holiday shopping. Yet, more often than not, you will find me racing around the week before the big event, madly picking up those last minute items.

Shopping for the holidays is either something you love to do or avoid until the last minute. Yet as an adult, I know that however it is that one feels about shopping, what is most important is to shop smart. Smart shopping saves both money and time.

To learn more about how to save money and time read Ellie Kay ‘s blog 10 Easy Tips to Save Big and Simplify Your Holiday Shopping.


Saving Time by Running Errands Efficiently

by Count On Me 4 All

Our home has become an empty nest with our youngest of two kids having headed off to college this past fall. We miss them both of our kids dreadfully yet it has also become obvious what a help they were when they were living at home. The place we see it the most is in the number of errands one or both of them would run for us on a daily basis. Continue reading